The New Standard in Vaccine Refrigeration

You can rely on TempStable™ Vaccine Refrigerators because they incorporate unique design features and patented thermal phase technology to ensure the cold chain of your stored vaccines.

Unlike other medical fridges, the TempStable™ Refrigerator virtually eliminates any chance of a cold chain incident by ensuring that the temperature within the fridge stays within the critical 35-46°F (2-8°C) temperature range for 4 - 7 days regardless of why the fridge stopped working (power outage, equipment malfunction, cord unplugged, etc...). 
TempStable Vaccine Refrigerator


  • Purpose-built Refrigeration
  • Patented Thermal Phase Technology
  • Min-Max Thermometer 
    with Certificate of Calibration
    USB Data Logger 
    with Certificate of Calibration
  • Out of Range Temperature Alarm
  • Lock with keys
  • 5 year compressor / 2 year general Limited Warranty
The TempStable™ Vaccine Refrigerator has many design features specifically in place to keep the cold air in and the temperature stable including the incorporation of superior insulation and patented thermal phase technology. 

Feel Secure and Confident that your Vaccines are Protected

If your staff needs to be on call through weekends and holidays have the wrong fridge.

If you need a fridge monitoring system to notify you when the temperature goes out of range have the wrong fridge.

The solution is not to figure out how to be notified and react quickly enough to move vaccines when there are the inevitable power outages, equipment malfunctions, human errors (e.g., cord unplugged), etc...

The solution is a vaccine fridge that keeps your vaccines safe and stable for days...even when the inevitable happens.

The solution is a purpose built TempStable™ Vaccine Refrigerator.